Harvard Divinity School production
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Public Space


Harvard Divinity School production


DIAVISION | custom / REFLECTIONS | custom


Ann Beha Architects, USA



Project Description:

Two large rugs were designed and created for Harvard Divinity School within their Braun and Multi Faith space.

Taking the design essence of DIAVISION and REFLECTIONS, these designs were customized to produce the required size and scale for these large masterpieces. Clarity was given to the thickness of the line creating the pattern within both of the designs. Various phases of artwork established the final rug designs and a selection of samples were presented to the client, which offered alternative colourways and pile heights.

Following client approval, the production process commences. Although simple in its repeat, the graphic image of the Braun Room rug was extensive over the large 95SQ MT / 1025 SQ FT area. Same could be said for the rug for the Multi-Faith space rug, simplicity in the wave of the REFLECTIONS design with a consistent line thickness. Each rug worked with the same cream tone and alternated the base colour with either a rich red or mid-grey tone. Once all colours are completed, the canvas is finished with latex and cotton scrim backing. Exact finishing off and high quality control is paramount to produce the clarity of these graphic designs.

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