University of Oregon, USA.
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University of Oregon, USA.


Dewdrop | Draw the Line | custom design




Courtesy of client

Project Description:

YES! These are handmade rugs!

loophouse bespoke service produced these magnificent rugs for the University of Oregon working with Designtex. Placing (18) rugs across the building for the Oregon University, these rugs demonstrate the graphic capabilities available with loophouse handmade rugs and carpet.

Closely working with the designers these established designs, based around the University’s brand identity using the iconic Oregon Duck mascot, wording “DUCKS” and “O” and player’s numbers cleverly echoed and enhanced with the white, yellow and green colours of the university. Two of the rugs capture the Oregon Duck centre stage surrounded by the other NFL school mascots. Packing a powerful punch these two rugs landed on the athlete’s lounge floors. Strategic placement of the “DUCKS” wording within two other rugs alternated the placement of the green and yellow featured on the 4th and 5th floor reception areas. A large, eye catching rug seen in the lobby space played with the Oregon “O”. Outlined in a finely tufted, black line the “O” created a repeat pattern across the surface of the rug, which was sporadically punched with a series of random solid yellow “O” highlights. The simplicity of the rug within secretary’s area plays with a bespoke ALCHEMY design using the university’s branded colours – tones flow from green through to yellow and white. The words to sum up the rug in the “War Room” are power and impactful. This rug amalgamates a series of Oregon “O” s harnessed in the university’s branded colours contained within a MIRROR ALCHEMY gradation. On the rugs’ edges the colour transition moves from dark green through to bright yellow and white at its centre. A series of other rugs displaying the impact player’s numbers looked after by each of the coaches’ don the floors in the head coach and coaches’ offices.

Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, along with his wife Patti donated an undisclosed amount to renovate and construct this brand new facility for the Oregon University. Go Ducks!

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